Expiring Cookies In Phoenix

So I started working on a side project using elixir and phoenix last month. In phoenix cookies are set to never expire. Which is a bit of security issue for logins, since someone could get that cookie and pose as that person forever. Not major especially if you use https but still could be easily tighten up. Anyhow I wanted post where and how to set a max age on your cookies in phoenix, since it took a bit of searching for me to find.

30min Sleep Timer That Pauses Your Show

I wrote a quick and dirty little program for my mom to pause her show when she’s watching it on her computer. It’s a 30 min timer that resets every time you move the mouse or press a button. After 30 minutes of inactivity, it presses the spacebar key pausing the show. It can’t tell if your show is playing or not so it could start your show too. This is windows based only.

Still Building This Site

Well I’m still building this site. For some reason I decided I didn’t really like any of the themes that I seen on hugo. So I am making a custom theme while working on adding content to this site. Few of them were close but seem more complicated to strip the parts I don’t want out than to just build one from scratch. Besides it’s a good time to practice my html and css which is rusty.

Getting motion detection from motioneyeos with pushbullet

While on my vacation I decided to build a bit of a security camera system with a raspberry pi. I used motionEyeOS. I spent some time writing a script to send notifications to me with pushbullet. Due to some bushes setting the camera off every sec I don’t plan on using this script. This would be should be good for cameras aimed inside or static place. Anyway, I thought this might be useful to someone.